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Vrijdag 12 April 2024: Transit Turtles - speciale set!

TransitTurtlesTransit Turtles - speciale set! 

“Rooted in all kinds of warm rhythms and grooves, Transit Turtles is an experimental cosmopolitan band of brothers coming together to celebrate their passion for Afrobeat and Latin American nuances. Their deep respect for wise ancient turtles… that's a story we’ll share down the road…
Transit Turtles work-up a deep and pulsing groove that will get your spirits flowing and invite you to shake and shine like the sexy beast you are. They like to make room for improvisations and ecstatic live jamming, while also going for some more quiet and contemplative ambient vibes."

Begin om 21:00, entree zoals altijd gratis. Free entrance.

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•⁠ ⁠Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/15malSkyvjNm4euAb7aspc?si=afcc18561e9f471f